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(Diptera: Simuliidae)

Also known as black flies, simulies, simúlidos, Kriebelmücken, moshki, jejenes, borrachudos, 
cseszlék and more
The blackflies referred to in these pages are small biting insects which belong to the Diptera or true flies.  They should not be confused with the similarly named black aphids(Hemiptera: Aphididae) which are garden and agricultural pests of plants

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The sound of rushing water epitomises the life and habitat of blackflies, which have a world-wide distribution with over 2000 recognised species. They are found wherever there is permanent or semi-permanent running water which the larval and pupal stages require for their development.
In some countries the adults may cause a serious biting nuisance, and may be vectors of parasitic and other diseases of humans and livestock


Typical Blackfly Habitat

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