Blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae)

The British Simuliid Group

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The British Simuliid Group (BSG), was a very informal gathering of scientists of any discipline, and from many countries, who have an interest in the Simuliidae (Diptera: Simuliidae). The group's members included entomologists, parasitologists and medics, with interests in ecology, bionomics, taxonomy, cytotaxonomy, disease transmission, fresh water biology etc. Their aim was to assemble as diverse a group as possible in order to get a wide interchange of ideas and information The BSG had about 100 members in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

They had been holding annual meetings at different locations in the UK since 1978. Abstracts of papers presented and other articles of interest wre published in The British Simuliid Group Bulletin which was sent by conventional mail to all members of BSG. 

In 2011 in face of rising postal costs the Bulletin went on-line and was thus available to anyone, not just members. And in 2015 it was decided to disband the British Simuliid Group as a formal entity, and fully embrace the International Simuliidae Symposia as a means of meeting. At the same time it was decided to expand the scope of the Bulletin by renaming it "The Simuliid Bulletin", the first issur of which was published in January 2016.

The Editor is John B. Davies,   E-mail:

More details about the Simuliid Bulletin and the BSG Bulletin Archives are at

You may join the register of over 170 simuliidologists to receive notices of events and meetings by going to, or by sending an e-mail to the address above.

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